White-washed Bleached Mahogany Desk With Extension Mid Century Funky Legs Four Drawers



Product Details

Creator: Unknown

Period: Mid Century Modern

Place of Origin: Most Likely USA

Materials: Treated Mahogany — a whitewash/bleaching effect

Wear: Excellent, super sturdy. Top sustains the most wear as detailed in the photos.

Reason why we love it, design details:

Funky legs and a leaf extension—we’re sold. Who couldn’t use a little extra space from time to time!

Fold out for more surface area, fold down to “store” away!

Clean, black, metal handles, super clean and pops from the white washed Mahogany.

Great as a crafting/creating/sewing desk!

Drawers: Wooden runners. Dovetail drawers. Clean interiors as detailed in photos.

Overall Measurements: 49.75W (64W)  x 23.75D x 30.25H

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