Vintage LE KLINT Sax Lamp by Erik Hansen Larger Teak Model

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Product Details

Creator: Erik Hansen for LE KLINT

Period: Mid Century 1950s-60s

Place of Origin: Denmark

Materials: Teak, Hand-Folded Plastic

Wear: Excellent, some marking on light-cord as noted in photos.

Reason why we love it, design details:

There is a delicious wabi sabi element to this beautiful design by Erik Hansen.

The balance of the hand-crafted precision of each pleat in the accordion lampshade and the exacting lines in the scissor arms, against the stark cleanliness and simplicity of the white plastic shade and the raw naturalness of the carved teak, make this piece timeless and super collectible.

It brings order, style and warmth to a space, all in one-fell swoop!

Overall Measurements

Shade diameter — roughly 12.5 inches

Mounting arm height — 15.75 inches

Closed arm length — not including shade — 15 inches

Open arm length — full extended — 37 inches

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