United Furniture Sculpted Carved Mid Century Low Dresser Nine Drawers

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Creator: United Furniture

Period: Late 1940s Mid Century Modern

Place of Origin: USA

Materials: Walnut Veneer and Solid Wood Core

Wear: Excellent interior. Good facade, wear consistent with age, front and top edges have quite a few marks and dings as detailed in photos.

Reason why we love it, design details:

We consider it a thing of beauty and grace when we come across beautiful pieces. When we come across a gorgeous piece like this one two times? Well, we’d consider it a little miracle. As we know from the first time, this baby is from the 40s. And we’re not sure if it’s the age, shape or mystery of this piece that has us swooning over it, but maybe it’s all three? Please study carefully the way the lines and shapes taper and widen in various places, lending a balance with asymmetry in some places and symmetry in others. Also, we’re suckers for carved wood, so the detailing on the center cabinet has us gaga for this baby.

Despite its knicks, and spots, as detailed in the photos, we’d still give this baby a go!

Drawers: Wooden runners. Dovetail drawers. Clean interiors as detailed in photos.

Overall Measurements: 66L x 19D x 32.1H

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