Set of Two Clean Minimal Bookcases or Room Dividers Finished Backs 360 Degrees with Legs

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Product Details

Creator: Unknown

Period: Modern

Place of Origin: Unknown — possibly USA

Materials: Possibly Cherry, Solid Wood and Plycore

Wear: Excellent, light marks and dings here and there, very, very unoticeable without very close examination. One shelf is slightly bowed as pictured in photos.


Reason why we love it, design details:

Simple lines and finished on all sides, these babies would be great for storage, display and most importantly for dividing up a larger room and organizing the flow of a space. Interesting little squiggles carved throughout the piece. Lovely bronze pegs that screw into the sides, height and placement of shelves are adjustable.


Perfect for plants, books and beloved tchotchkes!


Overall Measurements: 35.25L x 14.8D x 67.25H

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