Schreiber English Mid Century Modern Desk Danish Modern Style

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Creator: Schreiber

Period: Mid Century Modern — 1960s-70s

Place of Origin: England

Materials: Teak Veneer, MDF, Teak Laminate, Solid Wood Legs

Wear: Excellent, in great condition! Top has a couple marks that are quite camouflages with the wood grain.

Reason why we love it, design details:

Apparently this piece is from across the pond!

This baby has all the looks despite not having the normal construction of the vast majority of our other stock.

Lovely legs give the whole piece a great “floating” sensation.

Handles have a lovely shape!

Rich, saturated color.

White interiors contrast with bright color of rest of desk.

We love the almost-kitschy-vibe this piece has!!

Drawers: Side runners. White, melamine-esque interiors. Clean interiors as detailed in photos.

Overall Measurements:

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