Poul Hundevad Teak Bookcase Five Shelves Danish Mid Century Modern

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Product Details

Creator: Poul Hundevad

Period: Mid Century Modern

Place of Origin: Denmark

Materials: Teak Veneer, Pressed Wood

Wear: Excellent, light wear on left side and on one shelf, please see photos for details!


Reason why we love it, design details:

While Scandinavian, Teak bookshelves are not uncommon, this piece by Poul Hundevad reminds us that it’s the details that elevate otherwise everyday products!

For us, we love the majestic, continued, full-length veneer detail of the back and slight taper of the front-edge on the shelves—each shelf is subtly sloped, giving it a sleeker, slimmer feel.

Love the way the shelves slide in with the wire guides, see photos for details!


These subtleties make the piece render a more sophisticated piece and set it apart from its contemporaries, and the height makes it perfect for utilizing the vertical space in your home!


Overall Measurements: 27.6W x 12D x 72H

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