Mid Century Modern Sideboard Lowboy Dresser Nine Drawers Two Tone Ebony Handles and Pull Tabs

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Beautiful two-toned piece that can be used as a sideboard or dresser. Two cabinet doors with ebony pull tabs conceal three drawers on the left side of the piece, while the center features three long, large drawers with ebony handles. The right features three shorter drawers with ebony pull tabs matching the cabinet doors. The short drawers also visually mirror the two-toned cabinet doors for a lovely balance visually.

Other aspects of the pieces that we love are the contrast banding going around the top and sides of the piece, and the tapered and slightly flared legs. There are small black feet that the piece came with, but personally we would remove these and prefer the piece without them.

The outer shell and facade of the cabinet and drawers have been sanded and refinished with a satin finish, so everything is smooth to the touch. Unfortunately there is a considerable mark that the piece has sustained through the refinishing on the upper right hand corner of the top surface. Please see the photo for details, and the camera lens is there for proportion.

All drawers have dovetail joints and slide well --- except for one --- the bottom drawer behind the cabinet doors is a bit tight at the end of its runner, so it initially is slightly hard to pull out, slides smoothly, and the same going back in, it is smooth, then gets a bit tight to fully push back in.

72 L x 20 D x 31.5 H

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