Louvered Asymmetrical Mid Century Modern Sideboard Circular Brass Vintage Surplus Handles Seven Drawers

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Product Details

Creator: Unknown

Period: Mid Century Modern

Place of Origin: Likely USA

Materials: Walnut, Brass, Solid Wood Core

Wear: Excellent, light wear as noted in details. Structurally sound.


Reason why we love it, design details:

Facade is symmetrical on the X-axis, with the left-to-right lines of the drawers perfectly lined up. Y-axis is asymmetrical with longer drawers to the left and shorter to the right.

Y-axis asymmetry is emphasized with the louvered drawers on the left, versus the flat-front drawers on the right, and the right is further enunciated with brass pulls dotting each of eight cubby spaces.

Eight cubby spaces are in fact three drawers, with the bottom being twice as large as the top two.

Circular, brass handles — vintage surplus with all the retro charm, but all the shiny newness.

Dark, chocolatey Walnut brown.

Edging along the top sides and back provide a lip to prevent items from sliding off.

Lip is elegantly tapered upwards in the opposite direction as the lovely legs are tapered downward with each side reaching respectively up to the sky and down to the ground.


Drawers: Wooden runners. Dovetail drawers. Clean interiors as detailed in photos.


Overall Measurements: 56W x 18D x 30.25 (31.5H to top of edging)

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