Lane Rhythm Low Nine Drawers Mid Century ModernLane Rhythm Low Nine Drawers Mid Century Modern

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Creator: Lane
Period: Mid Century Modern
Place of Origin: USA
Materials: Walnut Veneer and Solid Wood
Wear: Excellent, some stickiness with drawers as detailed below

Reason why we love it, design details:
*Beautifully designed piece with line detailing across all drawer fronts that draws across the piece horizontally.
*Love the way the drawers seem to sit on a “frame” of legs.
*Rich, warm wood color on the dark-medium side of the spectrum.

Drawers: Metal runners. Top left drawer and bottom left drawer are missing stoppers, but the rest have stoppers that prevent the drawer from coming out. Dovetail drawers. Clean interiors. When pushing the left and right drawers back in, the “inside” side of the drawer will lightly touch the corresponding side of the center drawer. Which does not affect the use, it just means if you can’t “slam” or push the drawer in with great force, or else the edge of the center drawer could be damaged. Light wear and scratches on drawer fronts and edges.

Overall Measurements: 67.25L x 18.5D x 31H

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