Lane Mid Century Modern Walnut Rosewood Tower Suite Series Nine Drawer Floating Dresser Chrome Rosewood Handles

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Creator: Lane

Period: Mid Century Modern

Place of Origin: USA

Materials: Walnut, Rosewood, Solid Wood Core, Chrome

Wear: Excellent, has some wear as per age. Most notably the top has a couple areas where stain has worn. Some veneer missing on backs of sides. Please see photo for details.

Reason why we love it, design details:

The mood of the piece is instantly set by the dark, recessed base — which elevates the rest of the piece, both physically but more importantly emotionally.

The chrome details pop out as they catch the light. The handles highlighted on each end by a chrome holder with rich rosewood running in between.

Then, carved and undulating vertical registers of the center cabinet doors catch your eye as the light disappears into the valleys of the doors and black, vertical lines pop out, defining and holding the core of the piece’s center.

Also eye-catching is the beveled framing of the left, center and right of the dresser, creating a triptych-effect.

Swirling in the background is the grain of the warm Walnut and Rosewood wood grains.

The top is an extra treat, with five, rounded-square insets accenting the left and right sides.

Nine drawers.

Drawers: Metal runners. Dovetail drawers. Clean interiors as detailed in photos.

Overall Measurements: 78W x 29H x 19D

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