Lane Acclaim Series Mid Century Modern Dovetail Coffee Table

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This piece came to us with a dark red finish and a few scratches, after peeling back the old finish, we found this gorgeous contrasting natural wood and finished the piece in its natural colors. The legs have the original stain with some character marks that we left. Without a doubt, this coffee table would be a perfect centerpiece of any living or lounge room in your home.

Great condition. There is a light stain in the center of the table, but it is barely noticeable from most angles and does not take away from the beauty of the piece. Legs are in great shape, too, very sturdy. Will definitely last another 60 years.

Amazing craftsmanship characteristic to Lane Furniture.

Use it anywhere you need an extra surface, but it would fit in perfectly in a living, sitting or lounge room.

14” high x 55.5” wide x 19” deep

Most pieces we saw online of the same size and condition are priced at $400+ to $1500 after shipping. Many of them are not in the natural color of the wood, which we think enhances the value of the piece. At $350 we think this is a great price for a beautiful coffee table that will pull together any space!

Delivery to the DC metro area starts at $30 which covers transportation cost. If you need help moving the piece in, delivery is $50. Please contact us if you live in another area.

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