Handmade Mid Century Walnut Hutch Repurposed Bookcase Shelves

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Creator: Handmade by Anonymous Carpenter

Period: Mid Century

Place of Origin: Delaware, USA

Materials: Walnut Veneer Plycore, Solid Wood Legs

Wear: Excellent, tiny bit of veneer replaced at bottom left side. Not noticeable at all when standing, need to be looking at it straight on (~12 inches high) to notice it.

Reason why we love it, design details:

The warm caramel waves of the wood grain absolutely have us sold on this piece.

Articulated legs added to this handmade piece to give it a new life and purpose!

Beautifully framed around the sides, subtle bevel.

Lovely hardware used to make the piece, that can be seen at the top, if you’re tall enough or, for me, on my tip toes.

Formerly used as a hutch to display dishes, the shelves have a groove in them, so flat objects can be displayed on them!

There is a super smooth ball bearing rolling track that holds the glass doors. These are available if desired!

Overall Measurements: 48.2W x 14.25D x 57.75H

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