Double Dresser Rosewood Recesses Bassett Mid Century Modern Six Drawer Dresser Brass Handles

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Product Details

Creator: Bassett

Period: Mid Century Modern

Place of Origin: USA

Materials: Solid Wood Core, Walnut Veneer, Walnut Laminate, Rosewood Veneer

Wear: Excellent, light wear, one area where small bit of Rosewood veneer is missing. See photos for details!

Reason why we love it, design details:

Love the deep red accents of the rosewood veneer, recessed between drawers.

Lovely, caramely Walnut tone.

Please note the top is Walnut Laminate!

Drawers: Wooden runners. Dovetail drawers. Clean interiors as detailed in photos.

Overall Measurements: ~60W x 18D x 30H

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