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A beautifully handcrafted media centre, made in West Virginia.  Cherry hand finished (hand rubbed) black pre finish with plant based hard wax oil (no VOC) and comes with certified safety levels for kids and pets, balanced perfectly on 8" "pistol" legs unique to our design.  Designed for the wood grain to blend into any surrounding, but once noticed, the harmony of the wood grain will stand out for being simple and elegant.


Cabinet doors push to open and close.  Openings in the back can be cut with your desired placement to allow for wires.


60 W x 18D x 24H

Case: 60W x 18D x 16H

Leg: 8H


Made in the USA, WV


  • Baltic Veneered Plywood, European

Solid Wood and Legs | USA

  • Push Activated Under mount-Slides and Hinged Doors| Made in Italy
  • Plant-Based Stain and Finish that emits no off-gassing VOC | Sourced from Belgium

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