Columbia & Myers Sculpted Mid Century Modern Lowboy

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We searched far and wide, ok fine, we Googled “Columbia & Myers” and found no results on lowboys or dresser, but if the label inside this piece is any indication of its age, this baby is from the 1940s. And we’re not sure if it’s the age, shape or mystery of this piece that has us swooning over it, but maybe it’s all three? Please study carefully the way the lines and shapes taper and widen in various places, lending a balance with asymmetry in some places and symmetry in others. Also, we’re suckers for carved wood, so the detailing on the center cabinet has us gaga for this baby.

Excellent, beautiful condition. This granny (she’s between 70-80 years old!) has her fair share of nicks and scratches, but she is in pristine condition, even for a piece younger than her. There is one significant mark on her, on the right hand side (facing the piece) there is a chunk missing from the facade, roughly the size of a nickel. But it couldn’t be better hidden on the very bottom corner, far away from where most eyes wander. Please note in photos.

Dovetailed joints and drawers. Beautiful walnut wood. Nine drawers altogether.

This baby would look gorgeous anywhere. But she demands quite a bit of attention in a classy, quiet way. So don’t expect her to sit in a corner.

66” long x 19” deep x 32.1” high

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