Black White Steel Office Swivel Chair Tweed Seat Vintage

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You can’t go wrong with black, white and steel. The tweed upholstery gives the This piece is beautiful, comfy and timeless. And they just don’t make them like this anymore! At least not without a hefty price tag.

Excellent condition! There is some rust on the threading of the swivel, but it doesn’t affect the functionality or, in our opinion, the aesthetic of the piece. There is a slight impression in the seat, but foam must be a high-density as it is still springy and super comfortable.

31” height of seat back (adjustable)

Seat dimensions 17” long x 14.75 deep x 18.5” high (height also adjustable)

We haven’t seen any vintage swivel chairs as sexy as this one. And the new ones that are comparable are around $300+. Deck out your office with this little beauty for only $110.

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