Beautiful Percival Lafer Square Brutalist Coffee Table Mid Century Modern

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This little baby is undeniably a statement piece. We absolutely fell in love while photographing her. It would look be a dynamic centerpiece for any room. Solid mahogany, rosewood and Brazilian jacaranda make up this jigsaw puzzle of a table. A glass top sits perfectly on the surface to provide a flat service for entertaining, while still enjoying the colors and shapes of the wood in the table.

The piece has been refinished to perfection! There are tiny signs of wear in some areas, but only the underside has some chipping from the veneer. The glass shows signs of wear on careful examination, but in day to day use they would be unnoticeable.

This table can be disassembled and flat packed, so shipping is feasible.

30” long x 30.5” wide x 14” high

Percival Lafer is a classic mid century modern designer. The beauty of him as a person translated into his work, as he strived to provide beautiful design at prices more people could afford. Read more about him in this article in Dwell:

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