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An exploration of lines. The first being two dimensional, the second spanning into a 3D sculptural expression and the third an even more multifaceted exploration.

Linear I plays with form with shades and color, with the lines of our water based finish stretched across the white oak canvas, then sealed with a hard wax oil that brings out the flowing lines of the white oak grain. 

Linear II brings a topographical feeling to the canvas, with vertical white oak elements lining the front of the console. The various hardwax oil colors, along with the shadows cast by the sculptural solid white oak plays with the light and depending on where you stand, you experience a slightly different piece.

Linear III brings another facet to the mix, turning the plateaus of Linear II into the peaks and valleys you see in Linear III. Linear III explores the way the white oak veneer and solid oak play with the colors, the way the light presents a different picture depending on your perspective.

This series is made for sitting, meditating, being present in your space.

A beautifully handcrafted case piece, made in Maryland and West Virginia by women artisans.

Cabinet doors and center drawers push to open and close. Openings in the back can be cut in your desired placement to allow for wires.

Meticulously hand-rubbed, all finishing products are plant based and VOC Free, super safe for children and pets!


70.5W x 19D x 24H

Case: 70.5W x 19D x 16H

Leg: 8H

Made in the USA, West Virginia.


  • White Oak Veneered Plywood, Solid White Oak Stretchers and Legs | Made in the USA

  • Push Activated Undermount-Slides and Hinges | Made in Italy

  • Plant-Based Stain and Finish that emits no off-gassing | Made in Belguim

  • Dovetailed Beech Veneered Plywood Drawers | Made in the USA

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