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Swoon-Worthy: Vintage Vanities

I was first put on to these gorgeous vintage bathroom vanities that are popping up all over the internet by Catherine Coe of @charcoalandteak on Instagram. I follow her account and saw her beautiful bathroom reno, which you can see in the first photo. I thought, what a brilliant use for a vintage storage piece!

That was the catalyst to my dive into Pinterest, Google and Instagram for more examples of this beautiful way to reappropriate and up-cycle vintage storage pieces — which if you didn’t know, is my favorite category of furniture. Storage is both beautiful, practical and gives us the greatest gift of all, organization, but that conversation is for another day.

I love how the wood, unique hardware, carved designs and of course beautiful tapered legs, come together to contribute warmth, style and design to the otherwise clean and minimal choices the photos I collected above. While runners and carpets sometimes make their ways into bathrooms, I think generally speaking we design our bathrooms to be quite clean, which sometimes results in hyper-hygienic and impersonable — the mid-century modern wood storage pieces add much needed character! And they are so simple and versatile, just choose a piece that fits your space (measurement & style-wise!) and it doesn’t have to be a large low dresser, as you can see in the fifth photo, a piece was appropriated without its legs and it is shorter than most of the other pieces. One customer recently purchased a three drawer bachelor dresser by Stanley for what will be a small and sweet bathroom vanity!

To run through the rest of my photo choices and give photo credit to the ones I’m aware of, in the second photo you can see a dresser from the “Outlook” collection by Leo Jiranek for Bassett, we had one of these babies in the store in early January and it found a home in NYC. It’s looking quite handsome as a vanity!

The fourth photo is from Leanne Ford, one half of the team at Restored By The Fords of HGTV fame. The mirror choice in this set is by far our favorite! They look like the original set to a vintage bedroom set. The dark, warm wood frames balance the nice heavy look of the vanity sooo nicely. Sometimes the modern, minimal choices can feel a bit light juxtaposed with a solid wood vanity, especially the darker wood choices.

I’m not aware of the sources for the third or sixth photos but the piece choices are great! The third photo seems to be a a buffet or sideboard that is being reappropriated and the fifth is also a sideboard perhaps or a credenza, but both bring that lovely warm feeling that only wood can!

If you want to give it a go, or just want to daydream, start by checking out the vintage storage pieces we have in stock that might work for you and your home!

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